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We actively find ways to keep the breeding of White Swiss Shepherd dogs in New Zealand at a high standard. 

To achieve this, we import new dogs/bloodlines into New Zealand maintaining a healthy genetic diversity. We health test all our breeding dogs before breeding and we are offering premium care and food for our dogs and puppies. As well as investing in proper dog safe fencing and development-stimulating puppy indoor and outdoor areas. On our end this becomes very costly which reflects in a higher price for our puppies, compared to a breeder who uses the same dogs and bloodlines time after time, hasn't invested in quality puppy play areas and doesn’t health test their dogs before breeding.

We breed for the wellbeing and future of the White Swiss Shepherds; therefore, these things are worth investing in. 

Pups sold as pets-only:

$3500 NZD

This includes:

  • DogsNZ pedigree papers (endorsements not to be bred from)

  • Neuter/Spay contract

  • Vaccination booklet with first vaccination

  • Vet health check at 7 weeks

  • Regular parasite control (worming and flea treatment)

  • Puppy updates and pictures during the 8 weeks while in our care

  • Puppy information to support new owners 'how to'

  • Lifetime breeders support


  • We ask for a NZ$1000 non-refundable deposit to secure a puppy on the waiting list.

  • A spaying/neuter contract applies to all our puppies.

  • Puppies are to be picked up or transported between week 8 and 9. 

  • We only sell puppies internationally for showing and/or breeding homes. (except Australia). Price and more information here.


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