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We are a family kennel who started breeding NZKC registered White Swiss Shepherds in 2013.
Five of our dogs were imported from Europe and five were imported from Australia, selected on Temperament, Health and Beauty, with new bloodlines for New Zealand. We have invested in quality dogs from overseas to improve and set the bar high for the breed standard of White Swiss Shepherds in New Zealand.

Our puppies are registered with DogsNZ (NZKC) under our prefix PANDORRAS and up until 2017 we were the only  breeder in New Zealand offering DogsNZ registered White Swiss Shepherd puppies.

We provide the best start for your puppy by raising it in a safe, warm and clean environment, feeding it top quality food and assuring someone is always home to look after them. This allows us to give them the amount of personal attention and care they need. We only have puppies during the summer and autumn to make sure the puppies can have plenty outdoor play time. The warmer weather and longer days stimulate a healthy growth rate. 

Being with their siblings is an essential part of the learning and development of dogs. Therefore, we only hand over the puppies at a minimum of eight weeks old.




The temperament of our puppies is one of our main priorities. We look for active, friendly and confident, yet obedient and trainable parent dogs.

We treat our dogs as family members and when looking for new homes for our puppies, we look for homes that do the same.

Although most shepherds are good watchdogs, we do not sell our puppies as guard dogs.

Our other priority is health.  We health test all breeding dogs before breeding. You can read more about the health of our dogs and the general breed on the health page.

We have years of experience transporting pups safely to their new homes. Kyra often offers Puppy Transport to Auckland and sometimes other areas on the North Island. We can also help organising flight transport for you and will make sure your pup will arrive safely in an Airline approved cage.

Please contact us about the options available to get your puppy home.

For more information about our White Swiss Shepherd puppies, click on the links below.

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