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Born - 1st of April. Ready for new homes - 25th of May
All puppies from this litter are sold but we are taking enquires for our upcoming litters.


Everyone is welcome to come for a visit to see the puppies from three weeks of age onwards. It is an important socialization aspect for the puppies to meet different and new people regularly.
Our visiting days are Sundays and Wednesdays on appointment only (our puppy area is right by our home so please don't come unannounced). 
Please remember to be calm and move slowly around the puppies, especially with children. Please don't bring other dogs.
Contact us to schedule a visit. We look forward to meeting you!

WEEK 6 -

We are currently working on uploading all individual puppy pictures and temperament descriptions over the next day. All pictures will be online by 12pm Thursday (16th).



The puppies are getting solid food now: soaked biscuits, goat's milk and special puppy mousse mixed together. Of course, they still like to drink from mum Winter too. 

The puppies are now in a big indoor and outdoor play pen where they can run around and play all day. They're becoming super interactive with people and toys but still take regular naps throughout the day.

We also take them out of the pen under supervision to explore the outer world. 

When they get fed solid food as well as still drinking from the mum, they grow super rapidly. You can see the obvious difference in size between each weeks pictures.



The eyes and ears have opened. They are playing and interacting with each other a lot now.

We have given all puppies and Winter a worm treatment. This is routinely done around 3, 5 and 7 weeks of age, because young animals are much more susceptible to get worms and to sustain damage from worms. We start with a very mild worming product with 3 week old puppies. We advise all our puppy owners to worm their puppy at 10 weeks, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 12 months. After that, twice a year. Using a broad-spectrum worming tablet like Drontal from the vet, online or farm supply shop, that covers all worms. You can also use a natural treatment like apple cider vinegar on a regular basis in their water or food.

The puppies are growing fast. Their eyes and ears are slowly opening and their mobility is developing to crawling through the whelping box now. We weigh all the puppies daily to ensure they are growing well.



When the puppies are born, they are in desperate need of warmth and milk.
We make sure they are getting both. Because there are 11 puppies in this litter, we weigh the puppies daily and supplement the smaller pups with goat's milk formula to make sure no one falls behind.
The whelping box gets cleaned twice a day, so the puppies stay dry and clean. Puppies are born blind and deaf. After 10-14 days their eyes and ears are opening up, and they start exploring 



Winter lives a good life with Emma, Chris and their lovely family of four young children, a cat and another White Shepherd, Simba.

She is an attentive, clever, and playful dog who absolutely loves people, big or small. Winter has plenty energy when going for a walk but at home she is a calm and cuddly girl. 

Please visit Winter's page to see more photos and her pedigree papers/health score results.


Kio is a very gentle, sweet boy who loves one on one attention. 

He is very fond of walks on the beach and hanging out in the garden on a sunny day.

It can take a little while for Kio to get used to new people and dogs, but once he does, he is the most loving, loyal dog someone could hope for. 

Kio was bred by Uplong kennels and came to us at 10 months old. He adapted and fit in to our home perfectly. Thanks to Sue for letting her lovely boy come all the way from Australia!

Please visit Kio's page to see more photos and her pedigree papers/health score results.

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