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Health is one of the most important fundamentals when breeding dogs.

Our dogs all go through a number of health tests and must meet (but preferably outdo) specific requirements before we breed with them.

This is to keep the breed standard high, minimize any chance of developing health issues and also simply to make sure your new puppy will live a healthy and long life.

Despite all we do to minimize the risk of health issues, Shepherds being a large breed, are more prone to health issues like hip/elbow dysplasia. Along side our responsibility as breeders of health testing our dogs, there are also important responsibilities as a new owner to do, remember, and take seriously. The most important ones are not overfeeding, not going up/ down stairs/jumping into the car in the first 12 months, and no long walks/runs while young.

All the information and reasons why are further explained on the 'new owners' page.

Below you will find what we test our dogs for prior to breeding, those health issues explained, as well as the reccomendations of DogsNZ and White Swiss Shepherd international breed standard. You can view our breeding dog's results in the 'our dogs' section, in each individual dog's info. 


Hip Dysplasia (HD)

Degenerative myelopathy (DM)

Elbow Dysplasia (ED)

Von Willebrand's disease

Multi Drug Resistance 1 (MDR1)


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