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When picking your favourites please keep in mind…


  • The biggest pup now will not necessarily grow to be the biggest dog in the litter. So it is important to pick more based on the personality that suits you/your family than the looks or size of the puppy.

  • The temperament descriptions can give a good indication, but don’t necessarily reflect exactly how a puppy will grow up. A puppy’s environment, socialisation and training until adulthood have big impact and it is the new owner’s responsibility to continue positive socialization experiences and training, to get the best possible puppy from what good genetics and early socialization produced.

  •  Puppies go through many developmental stages, including fear periods, which shape their behavior as adults. Both good and bad experiences during the puppies first two years of life have a major influence on what the adult version of that dog will be.

  • No matter whether your puppy is more active or more submissive, shepherds are by default an active and large, working dog breed.

  • All puppies are playful, friendly, social and cuddly.


Active/more confident pups:

Suited to people that…

  • live active lifestyles  (e.g enjoy training with their dog, want a running/outdoor sport buddy.)

  • have children 7 years and older

  • live rurally/somewhere with lots of space to run around and play.

They are usually easier to socialise and are often more independent. They tend to have a better training drive than calm puppies. But they need clear and assertive boundaries. 


Submissive/ more chill pups:

More suited to people that…

  • live in the city

  • Aren’t as physically strong/fit

  • Have another old dog

  • Have younger children

They tend to calm down faster, can be easier to have in the home, often attached to their owner (which is nice but be aware that this trait doesn’t develop into separation anxiety).

But they will need more positive socialisation and encouragement than confident puppies.


- People orientated/follows you, submissive (but not scared), observant before approaching 

- Medium active


- Confident, curious/adventurous, people focused but shows independence.

- Medium active


- Sweet, submissive, cuddly, people focused/follower, observant but curious.

- Medium active


- Inquisitive, driven, confident, motivated, shows independence

- Active

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